Holiday Spotlight: Love Your Body Day

Now it is still October 18th here in Louisville but I know in the world of Internet it is actually the 19th… but I wanted to spotlight on “Love Your Body Day” for it is the kickoff of us highlighting the women health issues that are specifically for the month of October — Breast Cancer Awareness, AIDS Awareness, and Lupus Awareness.

The National Organization for Women Foundation established the Love Your Body Campaign to promote positive, healthy images of women and girls, protest harmful and offensive advertisements, and raise awareness about women’s health issues. (quoted from  The campaign wants women to accept the body they were blessed with and keep it as the shrine it is suppose to be for we are QUEENS!

For the remainder of October we will have post dealing with Women health issues and great information/sites we have found that CELEBRATE WOMEN — which remember is our feature cards for the month.  To the side you see our newest cards “The Caring Woman” which we are giving 50% of the sales of this card to various organizations for women’s health issues.  You can learn more at the ZeVin Creations site.


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