When something doesn’t go as you desired….

Well the “Touch Of Pink Trunk Show” was a totally not what we expected to be…. we had very good promotion and began marketing it appropriately (so we thought)… but not enough people came to make it worthwhile for any of the artists… which we totally feel bad about. These are the times that you become frustrated as an artist or an entrepreneur because things don’t go as you want BUT when you have motivation and drive to keep going.

Whenever things don’t happen as the goals were set forth I just take this moment to reflect and look at the lessons learned from this event.. you know maybe the location was an issue… maybe should of tried different marketing tactics …just for example

Now we are preparing for Belknap Fall Festival – Saturday, October 13, 2007 from 10 – 7

Well on a good note checked our site stats and wow we had a good amount of traffic on our main site as well the blog in the past month!!! I also saw that we had an online order today while the trunk show took place!! And also saw our Hispanic Heritage Month posts have been referenced on a site called BUSCASITIOS – check out this page that mentions us.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card




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