Hispanic Heritage Month – Cuban American

Okay so now for Hispanic Heritage Month we want to take these next couple of days to provide information about the different cultures that fall under the Hispanic culture.  Now don’t forget that we will be having a contest at the end of Hispanic Heritage Month (Oct 15) to see what you’ve learned….

The culture we want to highlight today is the Cuban American culture.

The ancestry of Cuban Americans can be traced back to the country of Cuba.  Majority of Cubans residing in the United States live in Miami and New York/New Jersey.  Prior to the Louisiana Purchase – Florida and Louisiana – were provinces of the Captaincy General of Cuba.

Prior to the 1990s there were no restrictions on the amount of Cubans that immigrated to the US but are now granted refuge under the “wet feet, dry feet policy” (read about here).  A notable Cuban related to immigration was the story of Elián González, who was a young boy caught in a custody battle between the United States and Cuba.

Notable Cuban Americans

  • Cuban entrepreneur  Vicente Martinez-Ybor
  • Actor,Director/Producer – Desi Arnaz
  • Actress – Cameron Diaz
  • Musician – Irene Cara
  • Musician – Jon Secada
  • Pulitzer Prize Writer – Oscar Hijuelos
  • US Secretary of Commerce – Carlos Gutierrez
  • Tennis Player – Mary Joe Fernandez

Now I was watching PBS at the weirdest hour the other day and watched a show about a famous Cuban salsa singer – La Lupe (Queen of Latin Soul).  Her story was very interesting and her raspy voice has made her an icon.  One thing that caught my eye was how her performances caused her to be exiled from Cuba.


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