Project Studio Cleanup – Ribbons galore

000_2283.jpg000_2283.jpgAhhh the cleanup saga of the studio is back into full swing… today was the cleaning of the ribbon area!  Pictures of the cleaned area will be taken later tonight… right now went through and spooled things back on their spools and made some make-shift spools using toilet paper rollers… rather than recycling them we are going to reuse for now…


In the cleaning of the ribbon area there are TONS of ribbons that will never be used so that’s right they will be going on the ETSY store for retail.. and they will be selling for $1 or less…. in the process of cleaning learning that we also need to PURGE things that will never be used again… so stay tuned as things are posted.

Also today been approaching the whole wholesale order concept… have been looking for sample line sheets so that we have something to base ours upon and it will hopefully be finished by weekend so that I can begin tackling things for the Belknap festival!

Oh noticed a recent comment posted for the Mystery Giveaway asking about this card:

Fall Ground Scene

Yes you are correct — it is appliqued onto various fabrics.  The leaf is from an upholstery remnant and then using the burnt brown/orange thread it was appliqued to coordinating green and brown fabrics.  Thanks Laura for the wonderful comment!

Stay tuned!



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