Autumn/Fall is officially here

Sunday, September 23 embarked the Autumn Equinox – It’s official Autumn/Fall is here!

As I was driving up to St. Louis for the Strange Folk Festival, I loved seeing the changing leaves in the Hoosier State Forest.  And now that I’m back home our backyard is just filled with leaves.. which we will be raking this weekend!  I LOVE FALL – the weather is just perfect and you really get to see mother nature prepare for the harsh upcoming weather, the animals prepare for hibernation, and you experience harvest of your vegetables and fruits!

So why would you send Autumn Greetings?

Three Reasons to Send An Autumn/Fall Greeting

  1. Celebrate a new season with a friendly hello
  2. Invite someone to go harvest picking with you
  3.  Just Because – welcome in the new season

Fall Ground Scene

We’ve added some more fall cards to The Seasons and ABC collections.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



One Response to “Autumn/Fall is officially here”

  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings Says:

    That pumpkin card is adorable!! I love the stripes with that picture.

    What is the leaf? Applique’?

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