Back from Strange Folk and preparing for…

So I got back EARLY Sunday morning from St. Louis and then had to go get my child and then slept and slept and slept… took some medicine for my allergies flared up and slept and slept…. Finally feel rested and now preparing for this week’s Trolley hop on Friday, September 28th in front of Nancy’s Bagels on Frankfort Ave!

Strange Folk was so much fun and was truly a well organized event. We were short of our goal but made some good connections that will help us reach the goal even after the event… we will keep you posted on it don’t want to spoil it yet! We met Bridget of Biggie Handmade Goods, Kelly from the New Orleans Craft Mafia, the reps for ETSY, saw some Alpaca’s and our cool hostess for the weekend!

ZeVin Booth Bridget of Biggie Handmade Goods

See more pictures at the flickr site.

While we were there we realized how much the wind doesn’t like our display so have finally decided that when we are outdoors will still use our lovely shutters but hang them to the tent and have things on the table.. this helps as we prepare for Belknap Festival on October 13th… we are trying to win the booth prize so we will write about what we are trying to do….

While we were gone found out that we got accepted to Tiny Canary which takes place in Columbus, OH on November 17 -18, 2007! We will be there representing the Louisville Craft Mafia with Angela of Amadai Designs!

Since I’ve wasted almost 2 days away sleeping I am getting ready to update the site with our newest cards and update inventory sheets based on the sales from the weekend…

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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