Maranda in St. Louis

that’s right you all I’m in st. louis now… chilling with mags of Art By Mags… at a friend’s house… we had a safe drive up here watching all the corn fields and the changing leaves… i love FALL!

we went to see where the show – Strange Folk Festival  (booth 297) is going to be and found our booth spots (we are next to each other) and now just hanging…. found out that St. Louis is a fleur de lis child SOOOOO going to be making Fleur de Lis stuff tonight…

I wish i could of posted pictures of our new cards prior to me leaving BUT I was so busy preparing for the 2 shows it never phased me!

so here is the deal we are going to have a giveaway between now and next week — check out the ZeVin Creations site – especially HERITAGE collection — let it inspire you to write what you like about Diversity and the different cultures since it is the feature month….


a random comment will be selected as the winner so comment away.. you can talk about all cultures and i’ll try to monitor between now and Sunday’s return to LVille

The prize — hmmm it will be a MYSTERY BOX of items related to cultures!

keep making gifts within a card!



4 Responses to “Maranda in St. Louis”

  1. Kenyetta Says:

    I am first- yay!
    Diversity allows me to learn about different cultures and others to learn about mine. I am not just talking about interracial, diversity also occurs regionally. I am a Black woman from New York, recently moved to VA, so it’s a double whammy. I miss the cultural melting pot of NY, especially the food, but I enjoying a totally different culture down here. Everything from the food to schools to stores are so different. Also being a nurse, I find that certain issues cross cultural lines, and we are really all the same.

  2. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings Says:

    I had never read your About Us page. The world is a diverse place… so many different cultures, different religions, different ways we do things etc.

  3. bebemiqui Says:

    I wish everyone would take the chance to visit another country and dig into the culture for a bit. It really helps you not treat foreigners like their idiots, which I see happen much too often. I’ve come to appreciate what other cultures have to say about the way a marriage is done and what may be the best way to be pregnant. ;0)

  4. writmm Says:

    I did not know of your creations before I saw this on Laura’s blog. You have made some amazing and beautiful products! And they sell well too:) I love the Native American Card. I think it is unfortunate that we live in a society that seems to want us all to become more and more alike instead of celebrating our differences. 13 years ago, when my husband went out west to travel, the stores and restaurants were different from the ones here in the east. But 5 years later, we started seeing the creeping in of sameness (Applebees, Walmarts, Olive Gardens). I prefer that people keep to their diverse cultures so that I can learn as I travel. Heck, I can go to Applebees right here in town! I have also found in my travels and studies of other cultures that I learn so much! Thanks for the great giveway! Nothing like a mystery to pique ones interest!

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