Two shows in one Day??

Audubon… hmmmm let’s just say it wasn’t a good show for us – at least not like last year.  As we did the recap pros/cons from the show we got some major lessons learned….and met some nice people!

So this is a busy week for ZeVin Creations… we are going to be at two shows (WHAT) two shows on Saturday, September 23, 2007!  That’s right while I’m in O’Fallon, IL for Strange Folk Festival – Marisa will be here in Louisville at the Beechmont Neighboorhood Fall Festival!  So we are some busy little hands over here.. have tons of things to do and make.. and at the same time prepare for the upcoming trunk show on October 6 with our Studio Cleanup which I’ll be working on later today….

Right now the lovely computer is going through some fixin so I’ll post some pictures of the newest cards we’re adding to the site at some point tonight…Yeah not quite sure what has happened to the thing but it won’t let me do things and so we are restoring it to the original and making backups… FRUSTRATING!

 So I’m gonna finish fixing the computer and I’ll write more later and announce our giveaway for the week!



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