It’s a dirty job… Studio Cleanup Day 1

000_2208.jpg (dirty studio)

So those that know us we have a studio in the basement of our home… great thing for don’t have to leave!  But the downside of our lovely studio is

A.  It is in the basement – damp and limited light…. and those funky looking crickets

B. It is quite a MESS right now! 

C.  Did I say it’s in the basement…

Okay so when some form of press is coming we really clean the studio and do our work down there… such as when HGTV came it was emaculate!  But any other day it is like a trash heap and we mainly do our stuff upstairs in the living room.. I mean we haven’t eaten on the living room table in ages…

Well my little one is home with me and we’ve carved out some of the basement for her little school area and that means that the studio needs to be cleaned and utilized for when it is her craft time I could be making cards or something productive… and with the holiday season fastly approaching I need to be downstairs away from distraction.  As well our trunk show is Oct 6th sooooo.. want it to look really nice and organized…

So for the next week we are going to do a Studio Cleanup and focus on a particular area of the studio and highlight it on our lovely blog…It will serve as a little break in our nonstop making of cards for Audubon, Strange Folk, and custom orders.

Studio Cleanup Day 1: Fabric Area


000_2206.jpg  000_2205.jpg

I use to quilt big time so ZeVin Creations inherited a bunch of fabric from my quilting stash… for I did a bunch of them especially for the family.  So we have fabric all over the place in bags, storage bins, and the floor.  Thankfully we got this old entertainment center from a friend of Marisa’s and we knew what we wanted to do with it.. store fabric!

So today’s cleanup involved me first cleaning down the center and the area it was going (vinegar,soda, and water – earthy cleaning alternative).  Then I proceeded to go through each fabric storage container and start folding and arranging the fabric based on patterns/solids/theme.  Taking one of the extra bins I placed pieces that can only use for small things in for me to just sort through when need something small. And all my quilt books/supplies/unfinished blocks are stored in the drawer for me to finish at some point in my life!

After Cleanup:


Stay tuned for Studio Cleanup Day 2 which is probably gonna be ribbon or embellishments…



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