Rosh Hashanah & Ramadan

Hello – we have had numerous hits today about our Rosh Hashanah posts!  We just want to say

 L’shanah tovah tikatevu v’tehateimu

to all of our readers!  Now you have to read a past post on Rosh Hashanah greetings if you want to know what it means!

Ramadan also begins today so we wanted to take a moment to describe the Ramadan traditions/customs as well.  Traditionally no cards are sent till Eid Al Fitr. 

The most prominent practice of Ramadan is the fasting – which traditionally is broke each day at sunset when the fourth prayer of the day is said.  Typically during Ramadan you are to eat prior to the sun coming up and then when the sun has gone down.  During Ramadan, Muslims are also expected to focus more on the teachings of Islam and refrain from the major sins – anger, envy, greed, lust, sarcastic remarks, and gossip. 

Eid Al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and means the “Festival of Breaking The Fast”.  During this festival there is a huge feast held with relatives and friends, everyone puts on their best attire and have communal prayers in the morning. 

We will have cards for Eid Al Fitr which we will post in a few weeks as it gets closer.  I actually partook in Ramadan a few years back with one of my Muslim friends when I lived in NY.  I didn’t do the entire Ramadan but the first and last week and went to an Eid Al Fitr celebration that was held at the local college RIT.  Fasting in general is a wonderful way to cleanse your mind and body and take the time to really grow in your spiritual faith!

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