Etsy Greetings and Fall Collaboration

As you know we have cards that we retail on our etsy site.. well we are suppose to but really haven’t been doing much as we focus on our main site.  Our etsy site is particularly for cards we make from scraps of items we have floating around our studio.

 By participating in Etsy we also joined a group of fellow cardmakers at Etsy in a group called EtsyGreetings which you can see the featured members daily on the EtsyGreetings blog!

A group of the EtsyGreetings members have collaborated together to make sets of cards for specific themes such as birthday, love, thanks, and other times you would send a card.  We are participating in the Fall collaboration and just recently posted it on our Etsy site!

Fall Etsy Collab Set

We are also included in this set(we are the pressed leaves card) at the Etsy site annkimmich’s shop:

Other Etsy Fall Collab Set

Please support the Etsy Greeting efforts and make a purchase of either these card collaborations or other cards made by fellow cardmakers!


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