Site finished(somewhat), preparing for shows

Ahhh all the cards are back on the site… the revamp work is just about done.. now have to do some techie SEO stuff to ensure our search engine rankings!  So hopefully you all are liking the new site and it isn’t as hard to navigate through!

Now to prepare for the upcoming Audobon Arts, Crafts, and Antiques show this coming weekend!  We are basically out of everything so going to be creating and creating with limited time on the computer(aspire for that).



The Original Highlands was fun time hanging with Mags of Art By Mags… Fleur de Lis items were the top sellers for both of us… especially Mags!  Had a repeat customer that bought two fleur de lis cards and she had bought some items from us at WorldFest… love the repeats!  All in all was an okay show wish we could of done just a bit better for means really have to make some sales to reach our goal for the month within these next two shows…

Speaking of shows we have two BIG shows coming up – Audobon which is this weekend and then Strange Folk Festival which we are TOTALLY excited about!

Well gotta get our newsletter together so if you are on the mailing list be on the lookout for a special offering just for you! (HINT if you aren’t on the mailing list you  might want to get on there…great offers going on).

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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