Fall is approaching..

So it is quiet cool here in Louisville today which is a big clue that A it’s about to rain and B it is getting close to the autumn equinox.  Fall is a fantastic season for it isn’t to hot nor to cold and the landscapes are just gorgeous with all the different colors!

With that being said here are the newest Fall cards you can find on the site under “The Seasons” collection and the “ABC” collection.  If you see something that strikes you check out the site to make a purchase for naturally these all fall under the “One Of A Kind” component of our cards….and the pressed leaves are the only two we have left at this current moment… MAN gotta find some for we LOVE working with them.

Some of the Fall Cards

more fall cards

Since we have a new site and new collections we are going to take these next couple of days to explain what each collection is first collection will be “The Seasons”.  This collection will basically have cards associated with a particular season for the theme so right now the focus is FALL since the Autumn Equinox is right around the corner.  Within the seasons we will have cards that will use pressed items(leaves,flowers, etc.) that bring out the season, photographic images that capture a season moment, and just random cards that mention a season’s name.  So what are you waiting for — go check out “The Seasons”!

Keep Making A Gift Within A Card



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