Darn allergies…

Sorry I haven’t written for a day… them pesky allergies have taken over the whole family… makes us wonder if there is a cold bug running around this place… and they aren’t really bothering us today for it is actually cool outside.. not in the 100’s…

Despite being sick we had our meeting with the local synagogue today and they purchased our cards at wholesale price from us.  Purchased our remaining Rosh Hashanah cards and placed an order for Hanukkah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and other cards within 2 weeks.  YEPPIE!!!!  We’ve been looking for an outlet to retail our Judaic themed cards and now have one! 

We will make a couple more Rosh Hashanah cards to have at the Highland Music Festival this weekend and for another local retailer. So we will post those later tommorrow.


Not sure if you noticed but our site has gotten a FACELIFT!  We hope to have all the cards back on the site by tommorrow… At the same time we are trying a new and improved inventory system (we weren’t really using one) so at the same time of making the page we are also tracking things in the inventory since as you see we have broken things down into collections..

So what do you think?


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