Recovering from WorldFest

So just now waking up from all the sleep I needed after WorldFest.  A two day show of 12+ hours of hoping to reach your show goal can be very very draining BUT REWARDING!  Let’s see we didn’t make our goal for the show (short just a little bit from it) BUT we got  some major opportunities.

  • We are meeting with a local Jewish Synagogue gift shop this Thursday to discuss what cards they desire to retail.  What is ironic is that I saw a booth for the local Israel Jewish Community Center booth and was like hmmm let me go talk to them since ZeVin is looking for a place to retail our Jewish focused cards locally.  Turns out the representative for the synagogue was there and she was someone I had called last year to discuss our Hanukkah cards… but lost her name and then forgot about it…. But thankfully I acted upon it at WorldFest!!!  I’ll keep you posted on what happens…
  • Had our first purchase on Friday be by a couple from Los Angeles!!!!  Which was great for that means somewhere our cards will be circulating in the CA area.
  • And our Louisville Pride cards were a BIG success… as mentioned yesterday had to make more for Saturday since sold out of all of them on Friday.  We had only made a few to see what the response would be… so now have some action items on the Louisville Pride cards with one being to kick out a bunch of cards by Friday for our upcoming show Highland Music Festival!

We will post images from the WorldFest hopefully tommorrow… I forgot my camera on day 2 so I used Angela’s camera and she has to send me the pictures.

 ”Back To School Giveaway”

Reminder at midnight we will stop taking comments for the “Back To School Giveaway” – use this  link  to place your comment to win the “Lunch Box Notes” by AJ Designs and a school themed card by ZeVin Creations. 

We would like to give a special thanks to “Laura Williams Musings”  and “Stampin When I Can”  blogs for posting information about our giveaway on their blogs.  When you get a chance check out their blogs!

Post more later!



One Response to “Recovering from WorldFest”

  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings Says:

    Good Luck with this week, and I hope you get some rest.

    Thank you for the linky love!

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