WorldFest here we come

We first want to say thanks for those participating so far in the “Back To School” Giveaway!  And for those just visiting us today use this link  to place your chance to win the “Lunch Box Notes” by AJ Designs and a school themed card by ZeVin Creations. 

So it is about 8ish in the morning and I’m ready to go to the Belvedere for participation in WorldFest.  Today is the Naturalization ceremony and tons of entertainment and food… which will be fun to watch.  Our booth is #34 which is right near the stages so we will be able to hear the music wonderfully… especially tonight for Salsa bands!  Camera is fully charged so be on the lookout for some great pictures.

At WorldFest we will be officially launching our “Pride” series which initially was just for Louisville and has slightly expanded for WorldFest… pictures of the additional “Pride” cards will be posted later this evening.. yeah forgot to take pictures before loading everything up…

Here is a picture of the Louisville Pride Series though:

We’ve only made a few of all the “Pride” cards for we first want to see how people respond… but I have tons of supplies for me to make cards while at WorldFest.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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