Upcoming Holidays: Grandparent’s Day

Grandmother Card  Grandfather Card 

We are so greatful for our grandparents – they have instilled so much wisdom upon us.  We will be doing a feature on great gift items to provide your grandparent on Sunday – September 2nd.  But we wanted to remind you that Grandparents Day is fastly approaching: September 9, 2007!

We have some Grandparent’s Day cards on the site and we will definitely take a custom order to truly make that special gift for that grandparent or elder in your life.

To get your juices flowing on the day to honor your grandmother/grandfather or elder here are some reasons to send your Grandparent a card:

Top 5 for celebrating Grandparents Day

  1. Express your love and appreciation for them.

  2. Bring joy to their day.

  3. Add to the collection of memories you’ve shared with them.

  4. Gain wisdom via their stories and heritage.

  5. Acknowledge your elders be it family or person you know shut-in.

 Any other reasons why we should celebrate grandparent’s day?


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