Cleaning and making

Hello All

 Sorry for the delay in posting something.  We’ve had some things arise that completely caught us off guard so I haven’t had a chance to come near the computer.

During these past couple of days we have just been busy preparing for Worldfest which is this weekend in Louisville on the Belvedere (August 31 – September 1)!  We have also been cleaning our dirty studio.. it is a mess and I can’t wait to post the before and after pictures for people to see. It has been a task for since my return from Atlanta we’ve just thrown things wherever and not been very organized on what we were doing.  So now trying to get it back in order since having issues trying to locate items as making products.

As well as cleaning and making we’ve compiled a list of goals we have for our company this September and boy there is a lot of work to be done.  One of them includes an increase in our online sales and blog readership.  We’d like to get some input from our current readers on what we can do… so please take a moment to place a comment on what you would like to see added to our little blog.

Well have to get off here to make some more images which I’ll post some images of the cards we’ve been working on Wed!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



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