Professional Photographs…

So Saturday was focused on getting professional style photographs of our cards for us to use for juried show applications (we have a couple more shows we want to apply for)… As well to use within our press kits and include on some potential press releases for the new line of cards we are coming out with.

We want to give MAJOR KUDOS to Maranda’s boy – Jason – from Knoxville… They have known each other for a long time since they were both members of the National Society of Black Engineers together (yeah computer people)… He is a great photographer and web developer/designer so let us know if you ever want his contact information to utilize his services…

So here they are for you to view:

Our newest creations for Louisville folks — Louisville Pride!

Louisville Pride Series

Sample of our Holiday cards for 2007 (some from 2006)

Holiday Sampler Photo

Some of our Afrocentric cards and then the silhouttes line(heritage line) – Now the quilt in the background is Maranda’s creation that she started on in 2003 and just hasn’t finished.

Symbols in a Bowl

African Silhouttes and Quilt

And finally our newest creations just for awareness months for Women (still thinking of a name for them).  Now behind them is the original watercolor painting that the cards were inspired from — it is a painting Maranda did in her college painting class it is a special technique she used..

Women Awareness Glasses

Women Awareness with Inspirational Painting

 We can’t wait to put them in our press kit and other items.  Hope you like them as well.

We will talk more about the Awareness cards in a few days for Ovarian Cancer Awareness starts September 1.  Just so you know the Purple background is for Leukemia, pink background is for breast, and teal background is for Ovarian.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!

Marisa & Maranda


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