Birthday Contest Answers

So the Birthday Contest has ended and we have notified the winner which we will announce once confirmed.

But we wanted to provide you the answers:

1. What famous basketball player in Los Angeles is born on Maranda’s birthday (8/23)?
Kobe Bryant
2. What famous chef with the 30 minute cooking style is born in August?
Rachel Ray
3. One of Maranda’s favorite musicians just came out with a new cd entitled American Doll Posse – who is it?
Tori Amos
4. One of the most highly regarded humanitarians in the world was also born in the month of August – who is it?
Mother Teresa
5. Which actor has made a couple of movies related to that dreaded form of traffic?(Coming out with a third one)
Chris Tucker
6. Tie Breaker Question: What is Maranda’s favorite thing (hint on the blog post 8/23)?

Thank you for participating in the contest!  Stay tuned for the September contest which will start soon.


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