Feature Holiday: Be An Angel Day – August 22

Today is Be An Angel Day which gives you a great opportunity to do something nice for someone and as well to kickstart doing a random act of kindness every day.

Some history about the day:(gathered from site Earth Angel For Peace)

  1. First celebrated day was August 22, 1993.

  2. Jayne Howard Feldman was inspired by the angels to be the founder of BE AN ANGEL DAY and choose August 22nd as the date. The date of the 22nd was chosen because 22 is recognized as a master number in the study of the sacredness of numbers.  The month of August was chosen as it is the 8th month among the 12 months. Eight has a numerical vibration of achievement, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

 Now we’ve done some angel cards in the past and past readers know we have wanted to start a program called “Paying It Forward With A Card” which we are currently working with some local churches/organizations on using our cards for sick/shut-in and cancer patients…. so we will keep you in the loop of those items.

In the rubble of a home, a woman stands by the coffin of her uncle in Peru.Earthquake refugees queue at a water distribution centre in Peru.

(Note pictures from BBC slideshow at — http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/6952421.stm)

But I want to encourage you to take this day to do something for the victims in Peru.  UnEarthing Kindness Initiative is a newly launched program as a way to help the victims started by the owner of Rotem Gear and Unearthed Tees – Jean Roth.  All you have to do is purchase something from any of the vendors participating in this intiative and then a % of the sales goes to an agency of the designer’s choice.

Unearthed Kindness


So get shopping and help restore the faith and hope of our fellow men/women/children of Peru!




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