Earthy living ….

So we are busy making the changes to our website, putting together press items, and working on a couple of projects… hope to have some new cards for you to check out shortly.

 Watched my favorite little show – “It’s Not Easy Being Green” last night and was just admiring how they are truly becoming green.  You know they started out with the well and now they are to the point where they are using water from a spring with the battery energy source coming from a wind system… they have tons of fruits/veggies to provide for them and then the pigs which they are about to eat (hmmm don’t know about that one)… but it is just a real interesting and inspiring show!

Well we do a little bit of green work around our home/studio as well.. As some know I started a vegetable garden in our back with the help of our landlords (they already grow tons of things) and focused on what I eat the most lettuce/peppers/eggplant.  Our lettuce did pretty good but the heat got to it and so I’m starting a new one that will be in a container on our porch for the fall/winter months… And the peppers are still growing like crazy.. especially the hot peppers…

On earth day me and my daughter got a lima bean to grow and it was doing really good so I thought I’d put it in the garden to see if we’d get pods.  Low and behold today I went to check on some peppers and clean out the bed and WOW


WE GOT BEANS!  I’m going to cook them in a minute to have a mini-Succatosh side with our lunch…. I’m so excited for they will grow till end of September which means I can store them for tons of Succatosh…Our landlord gave me some sticks so I’m going to form a trellis later today to see if that will help the growth. .. LOVE Organic gardening!!!

While reading my organic gardening magazine I read how some people take unused water from waiting to warm up shower water and use that on their garden… as a way to not waste water… and some even put barrels under their rain spouts to gather that water for their garden water rather than water from the city.. which is something I’d like to do for we get tons of rain.. and they say just to put fish in the barrel to prevent mosquitos…. I have to say my grandfather a farmer is gonna be so proud of me when I call him and tell him – I gotta green thumb as it relates to veggies.. yes it has passed down to me…

So do we have any gardners floating around here?  If so post a comment on what you’ve been growing…or special tactics you use…..And for those that haven’t gardened anything.. give it  a try for you can aid in saving our earth…

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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