Rosh Hoshanah & Grandparents

It has been a busy two days making cards and getting our sample packets together… We are trying to make some specific layouts for wholesale orders….and put together a bunch of items related to the wholesale thing…

At the same time working with my little one on her A’s… it is so adorable that she has caught on so when we watched Seasame Street earlier it was on A and she said “Look Mommy it’s an A”! 

 Well keeping with the A is for Apple  theme did some more Rosh Hoshanah cards (sorry for the fuzzy image)


Then made some Grandparent’s Day themed cards…. Reckon goes with A is for Adoration


Know you can’t really make out the black/red/white one but it states “If I had know how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren I’d have had them first – Lois Wyse”…Funny comment that I bet our parents say to themselves all the time!

These and all the other new cards will be up on the site by sometime Thursday… Have a pile of cards to upload to the site… Speaking of the site it is going to be revamped and have an entire new look and feel by the 23rd for Maranda’s B-day… Adds in part of our busy schedules…


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