In honor of School Starting

The Patriotic Days Contest winner has been selected and we’ve notified them – so check your email.  Hmmm the 200th post contest didn’t go like we wanted it to go…. we are thinking of what kind of prize to give all that gave comments….

So today is the First Day of School – children are excited, parents are worried, and teachers are prepared.  We wanted to feature a couple of Back To School Items that we’ve seen which will make great gifts for a student, parent, or teacher/school employee.

Lunch Pail Notes

With both me and Marisa having little ones this item really hits home.  Lunch Box Notes – leave the little one a note letting them know you care and good wishes!  They are are done for you — just have to write your little note on the back and sneak it in their lunch box (or bag).  View these and other great items by AJ Designs.

Vintage Clipboard

One of wonderful things about paper is that you can put it anywhere.  So why not give your special school person a vintage clipboard.  This clipboard is vintage school themed with inspirational school items – which definitely make me learn.  See what else Storia Home offers at her Etsy Shop.

Dog Bone Art Lunch container 

LOVE these lunch containers which are great for any age!  The insulated bag is hand screen printed and match the whimsical view on bread/pear/bannan/apple or even milk.  You can see more whimical items by Dog Bone Art at the Etsy Shop.

As featured last week you can always provide inspiration or encouragement for the first day of school with one of our newest cards!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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  1. Jerusalem Says:

    Thanks so much for including me! I posted you on my blog today too!

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