Love Is In the …

Cards that is!  Friday was spent finishing orders for our local store retailers… with a couple extras for the online store…



I have to say the “Pasion” card is one of my fav… a heart made of flowers…gets my brain filed with potential cards you can do with real(pressed) and fake flowers….

So delivered the orders to our stores and got some new orders as we begin preparing for the fall/winter holidays… One of our stores – Dundee Candy Shop – is a candy store so this is the time for major purchases so we are preparing early for their inventory with Hanukkah coming earlier this year. 

Stopped by our PO Box for had to mail those pesty TAXES and had two packages in our box… to our surprise look what we got:


The earrings are from Prismera Design — we won a contest they hosted earlier!  Ohhh what a great pre-birthday present to me!  The papers are from Blue Roof Designs – we were searching for some Asian paper scraps to use for cards for upcoming show — WorldFest… can’t wait for you to see what we are going to do!!!!! I’ll begin those special cards next week for that is coming soon..  THANKS LADIES for my surprise in the mail!

Speaking of shows we just got accepted to do a Bridal Open House next Sunday — YEPPIE!!!! Our focus will be wedding related thanks/customs/journals…

Just a reminder the 200th Post and Patriotic Days Contest end in 23+ hours so get commenting or answering questions.

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One Response to “Love Is In the …”

  1. Lindsay Green Says:

    Congratulations on winning the earrings, they’re very pretty!

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