In honor of Sisters and Friends

Sunday, August 5th was Sisters Day and Friendship day.  Here are some suggestive items you can give your sister and/or friend whenever for you don’t need a special day to honor them.

Friendship Box by My Sisters Great Idea

So you have this wonderful gift for your friend and/or sister but want a nice box to place it on?  This Big Friendship small gift box is excellent just for that!  Or better yet you could place various memoriable of your friendship to give them for safekeepings!  The other best thing about this box is that its designed by fellow sister-owned company My Sisters Great Idea.

Ashley G Sister Illustration

Just love this illustration titled “Sisters” is so true as it relates to me and Marisa… we might have two different physical bodies but one kindred spirit! You can find other great illustrations of this motif at the Etsy shop of Ashley G.

AP4C Sis Necklace

Let your sister know you love her with this heart beads and birthstone crystals necklace.  You can have your birthstone and your sister’s birthstone be the crystals as the mingle in with the spelling of SIS.  Check out A Planet For Creations site for this and other great jewelry gifts for that sister and/or friend.

Our newly created cards and Zevis truly compliment the gift items mentioned above.  Which we were steadily making Thursday while we fill our local store orders (Will be posting new cards this coming Sunday).

000_2034.jpg  000_2037.jpg

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



One Response to “In honor of Sisters and Friends”

  1. ashley g Says:

    Thank you so much for including my print! What great finds you’ve listed. And such a terrific blog you have 🙂

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