Upcoming Holidays: Back to School

Man right around the corner school is starting here in Louisville,KY and Southern IN on August 13th!  Can we say exciting… that means the house will be a little quieter with a teenager and 7 year old gone during the day… and the little one doing some mommy-day out activities!

 So we made a couple cards just for the back to school theme…

Sample Back 2 School Cards

You can see all of them in the Just Because section of the site.  And the vintage one in our Etsy Shop since it falls under the Scrap of Zev Line.

Based on our Back To School Post in 2006 here is the brief ZEV Tips  for “Back To School Cards”  on how cards are important for Back To School time.

  1. Celebrate the beginning of a new journey
  2. Appreciate your teacher
  3. Wish them much Success
  4. Celebrate your alone time!

 Naturally if you want to learn more about those tips you can reference the post above or see them on our Tips & Such section of our site.

Just so you know we’ve updated our dates to send cards based on previous posts in 2006 and a recent Card Maker magazine we read.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


3 Responses to “Upcoming Holidays: Back to School”

  1. Georgie Designs Says:

    I love, love the Eclectic Flair Candles card on your site! I actually love the whole new slideshow of birthday cards on your home page!

  2. LaWatha Says:

    I haven’t had children of school age for a very very long time, but boy, do these cards bring back some wonderful memories! You’ve got incredible skill and talent at card making, and I love your blog! Very professional- nice job!

  3. traceystreasures Says:

    I love the date list on your blog to send cards 🙂 Great idea. The wheels on the bus card is really cute and would be fantastic for the eager, maybe a bit nervous 5 or 6 yo, starting their very first year! *smile*

    My kids are grown now, and I have grandbabies- but I remember how exciting summer vacation and then going back to school always was! Both of them are exciting for the obvious reasons -lol-

    Have a great upcoming weekend!

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