200th Post – Let’s Celebrate

Can you believe it our 200th Post.  I kind of been delaying it for the 200th Post contest needed 200 comments… BUT we aren’t there yet so we are going to extend it to Saturday August 11th at midnight!  So the same time we pick the Patriotic Days Contest winners we hope to have 200 comments… we will be sending reminder e-newsletters later today!

In honor of the 200th post me and the kids (mine and Marisa’s son) made pizzas… I attempted my own dough.. which came out to sticky and a messy concoption — so I used store bought dough for the kiddos were all excited. Here are some pictures from the adventure:

sticky dough 200th postmy lovely lab lurking in the back (had the flash off)

kids cheeseveggie end results cheese and veggies

I just want to thank our readers of Making Gifts Within A Card for this past year (can you believe it has been a year and did 200 posts) — we are making changes to add a little more variety which you’ve seen so you enjoy what you are reading! Hopefully this post will give you some comment inspiration!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



One Response to “200th Post – Let’s Celebrate”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Love your cards & handmade books. Thanks for the contests, too.

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