Sisters & Friendship Day + **200th Post Contest**

So today is Sister’s Day & Friendship day (August 5) – we hope you had a good one!  Being that we are a sister-owned business we realize the importance of sisters.  We are both so grateful that we were blessed to be siblings for we support each other and compliment each other.  Although sisters can be annoying at times — it is one of the best things in the world.. and it doesn’t have to be a relative thing… sisters can be your friends as well — like the phrases — My Sista Girl and Sister’s in the Spirit. 

 Very unique that they are both on the same day since they tie hand in hand — huh?

We unfortunately didn’t get to retail our sister-themed or friendship-themed cards online due to saving them for National Black Arts Festival but we will be making more for you can always send them a special greeting.  There is one friendship birthday themed card we’d like to share:

Birthday Friend Card

Later in the week we will do a feature on sister/friendship themed gift items in honor of today

BTW — Our 200th post is fastly approaching.  So in honor of the 200th post we want to have a little contest:

200th Post

That’s write the 200th comment will get a gift certificate totaling $25 (includes shipping)  — which is about 5 cards depending on what you pick.  Comment on any of our past posts, your most memorable card, or our company (WE WILL BE MONITORING THE COMMENTS)!

Start commenting & Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


7 Responses to “Sisters & Friendship Day + **200th Post Contest**”

  1. A Punkin Card Company Says:

    Well I know I will not be the 200th comment poster, but hey, at least I am number 1….
    I’ll try again later.

  2. Janice Says:

    I didn’t know yesterday was Sister’s Day and Friendship day. Good to know!

  3. Leah Daeling Says:

    uh….am i the 200th? oh. i think i am maybe #3. darn. maybe i will remember to check back!

    congrats on a great business. my sister and i are 13 months apart and we have always (despite a rough year or two in junior high) loved being close in age and friendship!


  4. Leah Daehling Says:

    uh, i guess i will be #4 too.

    but i realized i misspelled my last name.


    can i use the excuse that i am not used to typing it yet? its only a couple months old!

  5. Kenyetta Says:

    What a neat contest! I love your designs!

  6. Lindsay Green Says:

    I love the brown & pink in that card!
    Contest sounds awesome!

  7. Jeanie Says:

    We are also a sister-owned business, with 1000 miles between us! Our etsy shop keeps us connected in a very special way. Great to see other sisters working together too!

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