August is here

Happy August (we know one day behind)!

 Wow it is already August — only 4 more months and the 2007 year will be over… amazing huh!  This month will be centered around birthdays since it is Maranda’s birthday on August 23rd!  We will also do some back to school items since everyone is getting ready for that big day when school starts back up.

Well as everyone knows last month was a busy month for us since we were at the National Black Arts Festival.  It kind of put the blog behind a week so the survey for patriotic days (Canada Day, Bastille Day, Independence Day) will start Friday, August 3rd.  

This month we have one show which is the TriState WomonFest in Cincinnatti – August 18th.  We are preparing for the next big show for us which is WorldFest held here in Louisville – August 31 – September 1.  So we will feature items we are making for both of these shows as they are made. 

We are coming closer to our 200th post so we will do something special on that day and include a way to honor our readers as well.

Have a wonderful August and remember to Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!

Maranda & Marisa


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