Real quick NBAF update

Hey there… I haven’t been able to get online for I’ve been busy making cards… mainly custom ones during the National Black Arts Festival….

Thursday was an okay day…not many people were out but I had a HUGE blessing… got a gentleman to come and buy all of my newest silhoutte collection cards (there were only 2 out for I was saving for Sat).. he bought some other cards and asked if I did custom orders.. YES.. so he placed an order for 2 custom cards to pick up on Friday but the request was to not make them cards but bigger for framing.  Turns out he is a local framer and wants to use our cards as artwork pieces that he will do double mattes with… I was blown away and was like okay…

Friday was a FABULOUS DAY — had 2 sales before I officially opened and they were nice orders!  There were a little bit more people but got 2 seperate on-spot custom orders for like 2-3 cards each.. and then about 4 people that are going to contact us this coming week for a custom order…. The guy that had the custom request for Thursday stopped by to pick up one of the item (it was a baby onsie in blue pin-stripe soooo cute) and bought another card and requested 2 more custom items.. we talked for a good conversation and he is bringing me one of the framed cards he bought today(Saturday) for me to display in my booth.. he works with a few local artists (one is diagonal from me) and on Sunday we are going to meet for he is placing an order for about 10 different INITIAL designs based on drawings he saw of mine for me to ship down to him….YEPPIE!!!

Well I’m off for today is to be SUPER busy and I’m gonna be busy for I’m making this new design just for the sorority/fraternity people in ATL based on requests from my local friends that just happen to be in the greek life!

And the pencils were ordered via a company in Louisville called Incentives — it is owned by a guy I went to high school with… they ordered them and stuff… If you want their contact information just check out their web site.  Tell them Maranda referred you and my rep is named Tracy.  And they were ordered in a group of 1000.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



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