National Black Arts Festival Day one

Hey there!

I’m loving it here in ATL — I have a FABULOUS host that I’ve known for years since my National Black Society of Engineers days… she has just let me setup shop in her home so that I could make enough inventory for she gave me the 411 on amount of people especially for our ethnic cards… and the new collections we are carrying… which as soon as I get back to Louisville they will be posted on the site…

Let’s see… Monday traveled here and relaxed… Tuesday got to go to the NBAF fine arts exhibit with my host… LOVED IT!  Especially since that is what I did in the college years and collect art when I have the money… Very inspiring pieces  that captivate your mind.. here are some people that I met and talked with.

Painting by Ricky SteeleThis is a painting by Ricky Steele who I talked with for a minute.  Love his work and he is very inspirational.

Marlon Hunt piece This is a painting by Marlon Hunt  – I really like how he does things in an abstract manner (which those of you that don’t know that and impressionist period is my favorite).

Gabriel AjayiThis is by Gabriel Ajayi — talk about a unique medium.  He takes wood and routes it to be a painting and then stains or paints the color in… FABULOUS!  KY folks he will be at Woodlawn…

Then my WOW artist whom I didn’t get to meet..this picture doesn’t do his work justice (nor any of the above)… but the colors are SOOOOO Vibrant and mesmerizing.  Can you tell how excited I am about his paintings?  I’m going to try to stop by the official gallery Thursday to see them again…

Stuart McClean

So now today was the first day of the International marketplace… and we are booth #25 next to a great group of people — Nubian Essence and another gentleman whose card is somewhere in my tote… but they have exquisite Afrocentric items from jewelry to reproductions of segregation period signs.. which you can see me pictured with in the online gallery for Access Atlanta which falls under the Atlanta Journal Constitution. (Note I’m slide #3 — and calling to let them know I wasn’t selling those items…talking to my vendor neighbor…

It rained the last hour so shutdown early and I had to load everything … paper and water don’t mix even if they are packaged..But prior to closing we did pretty good.. I have to make some more ethnic baby cards and a few sets… and going to be there way earlier than planned so I can setup the booth again and get some of the lunch crowd – although not officially opening till 4 people were checking things out…and I’m not going to say no to a sale!

Atlantic Station is just an amazing little city within the city.  Louisville is in the process of making something similar but this just is beautiful.  So not only do we have people attending the festival looking at things but shoppers and/or residents of the station. Booth setup went smoothly but wanted a rug for the floor since it is on asphalt.. so had to stop in IKEA (great excuse huh) but couldn’t find what I wanted so going to locate something before setup Thurs.. During setup met two nice ladies who are in a different aisle but we all end with a “5”.. I’ll get some pictures with them and let you know more next post for their biz cards to their sites are in the bag.. and I didn’t plan on typing as much as I have…



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