6 more days till NBAF – OH Baby

So Wednesday was all about finishing baby stuff… (just have a couple more things to do though)… did a journal and then cards… which we came up with some new designs….

The Onsie series… LOVE them… as you know we have the t-shirt series which fall under our fashion collection…well babies don’t really wear t-shirts but onsies… so here you go… thought of doing them with paper but love the whole fabric thing… and some have extra embellishments like a real button or ribbon… What like the most is that you can really incorporate these to various heritages and genders.. now gotta get some with phrases on them….


Here some more of what we cranked out…. the various lines design is missing the words boy and girl on the respected color cards… those letters are out of wood and we painted them..waiting for them to dry…..

000_1974.jpg 000_1975.jpg

Now at some point these will go on the site…. just have to find a time to… think we will wait till return from ATL so that way know for sure what will be in stock since limited amount of internet access while gone…

Now there is one other card Maranda has been TOILING over since Sunday….that we are going to let you post comments on tommorrow…. and that will be the focus around our giveaway this week… BTW gonna host a giveaway next week…. can’t wait to post that….

Back later…. going to start part of our new collection and religious/inspirational items….

As well have to post about Christmas greetings this week…..


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