New Earthy Show and preparing for NBAF

So Sundance started their new series Tuesday night – It’s Not Easy Being Green.

It is a show which documents how a British family converts to not impacting the earth negatively by moving into a new home where they aspire to run electricity off of a water, grow their own food, and make their own fuel.  Today they show how they moved to the new home and began the water wheel process by making an aqueduct(sp).  It is amazing and inspiring how people are doing various steps to help mother earth…

Following the new show watched a documentary called Darwin’s Nightmare.  This documentary was riveting.. showed how man introduced the Nile perch to the Tanzanian Lake Victoria and how it has damaged the ecosystem and lives of the residents.  If you have access to Sundance or the movie we highly suggest it — really shows how things meant for good really turn out bad.

On the NBAF note… we spent the weekend searching for fabric for our table… man do people not like purple… The fabric we could find and liked ranges from $16 – $20/yard.. YIKES.  So we put some we like on hold to rethink our display… we did find out that they will provide us with a canopy SOOOO can get a smaller rental car… which is good…

We got our business cards and promo postcards in today!!!! Check out the businees card holder Maranda did for the booth.. and our postcards.

newbizcardbox.jpg   promostuffjuly07.jpg

Then we found in this book about using paper for easy organizing a design for a cardholder…for our cards not on the shutters…. something different than our purple milk crates….see a few of the newest baby cards next to it…


And finally here is a sneek peak at our newest hello cards… LOVE the pencil one which ties in with our back to school line of cards we will start selling online…


We will post more later… going to go live in the studio to make more cards…


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