In Honor of Bastille Day

In honor of Bastille Day we wanted to mention some French themed gift items.

Destination Journals - Etoile

July is the time that most family vacations are taken.  Now some people are lucky to go overseas for their family trips.  Why not journal about your French adventures with this Etoile Journal by Destinations Unknown Journals.

French themed charm necklace

Who doesn’t like a good French meal — especially dessert— some crepes or a good crème brûlée.  Well you naturally partner a good meal with a tasty glass of wine from a finely decorated bottle.  Roxi Designs offers these vintage French stamp wine charms that will surely look great with your French dessert.

French perfume

Now for your next French style rendevous how about a little french inspiration with this collection of French fragrances.  Beauty Looking Glass retails this Parisian product which is just now hitting the US scene.

Now ZeVin Creations resides in Louisville, KY which is a French discovered city named after King Louis XVI.  Naturally the Louisville symbol is the lovely Fleur De Lis and we are now making cards that reflect our Louisville and KY pride which we will beginning selling online and at shows starting July 16th….but we wanted to give you a little peek. 


BTW — only 2 more posts and we are at 200!


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