Happy Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day – July 14, 2007!

Bastille Day (Fête de la Fédération) is a holiday which honors the storming of the French prison, Bastille, on July 14, 1789.  Bastille symbolized the power of King Louis XVI and his strict regime.   Besides expressing the fight of oppression, Bastille Day was the beginning of the French Revolution.

A neat fact was at the time of the prison’s take over there was only 7 prisoners.  Another tidbit fact — A historical fiction account of the storming of the Bastille can be found in the novel A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens(Found in Wikipedia).

A typical Bastille Day celebration in France is a parade during the day and fireworks in the evening.  Maranda got to experience Bastille day in France when she lived abroad which she got to celebrate at Versailles with her French family.  


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