Preparing for NBAF

So we’ve been busy these past couple of days peparing for the National Black Arts Festival making display stuff, promos, and naturally cards.  We spent yesterday altering journals… which are drying so we will take a picture to show you all of the finished journals tommorrow… but here is a newest guestbook for people to sign at the booth…we have to make these little paper flower pens to go with it…


For promos we’ve decided to take all of our scraps… paper and various white paper(junk mail envelopes, copier paper, etc) and make little 6-8 page scratch pads…


They are so cute and will look great with the little promo pencils we ordered…suppose to arive on July 19th.  The goal is 1000 of these little things.. anyone want to sew for us?

Besides the journals we have been making our little Zevi’s (still need envelopes) and miss you/thinking of you cards… Don’t fret we are trying to make some extras so we can post on the site.. don’t want to be selfish…



Will post more NBAF stuff later in the week…


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