Tips for Winter holiday greetings (start preparing)

(Note as seen in the July Newsletter)

We’ve made this month’s featured cards focus around the winter holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza. Our own personal way to get those juices thinking about your holiday cards and start stocking up. In December of 2006, Maranda wrote an article for She Unlimited  (scroll down) on sending Holiday cards. We’d like to mention just a few of those tips that would be beneficial to start on now during the summer season so you aren’t rushed come the holiday season.

  • Update your address book – How will the recipient of your holiday greeting feel getting an envelope stamped with a “FORWARD” sticker? We personally wouldn’t feel like you put time or effort in your card-sending. Take the opportunity to contact person’s in your address book to verify their address and at the same time to catch up. Remember that the envelope adds to the gift giving so keep it free of mistakes.
  • Start your investment early – Just like a gift a recipient can tell their value by the type of card you give them. Take this time to start picking out those “SPECIAL” people cards before their slim pickings. While the majority of holiday shoppers are out swimming, gardening, or partaking in other items that consume their summer minds – you can take this time to get your card shopping done early. For the parents of little ones, you can take this time to plan out that special letter from the jolly man himself or even for the little ones to send. Naturally we are going to encourage you to also invest the money in buying quality designed and crafted cards for those speak volumes about your love for the recipient.
  • Develop your holiday brand – When we send out cards we try to incorporate our company colors and/or owner styles in them. It’s all about “BRANDING” – you want your cards to make an impression and stand out! (Businesses aren’t the only ones that need to stand out) Use this summer month to customize that special card or invitation for you to send during the holiday season. Once you’ve selected your “BRAND” incorporate that into the entire packaging of your special gift and/or celebration such as custom stamps or coordinating favors.

ZeVin Creations wants to encourage you to do something you might not have done before “Start your Winter Holidays in July”. Use this month to update your address book, invest in your cards early, and develop your holiday brand. We hope the mentioned tips will aid in you “Making Gifts Within A Card” for the 2007 winter holidays.


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