Featured Holiday/Event: Canada Day

Canada Eh Card

Canada Day is a national holiday that marks the forming of Canada as a dominion which took place on July 1, 1867.  It is celebrated throughout all Canadian provinces by everyone.   Some refer to Canada Day as their Birthday with it being Canada’s primary patriotic day and this year they celebrate 140 years.  It’s actually an 11 day celebration which focuses on the different cultures that make up Canada and achievements made as a country.

An interesting fact about Canada Day – July 1 doesn’t commemorate the actual Canadian Confederation establishment via the 1867 British North America Act.  The British Parliament held some political controls over Canada after 1867 – their full independence took place in 1982 with the Constitution Act by Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

One more fyi about Canada — the origin of “Canada” comes from the explorer Jacques Cartier.  He led an expedition up the St. Lawrence River in 1535 which included the village of Stadacona in his route.  The Iroquois pointed out the route to the village using the word “kanata” which also means village.  Jacques Cartier used Canada to refer to the area which became what is currently Quebec City.

Happy Canada Day!


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