Atlanta here we come, special drawing, show reminders…

So in late May we got an idea to apply for the National Black Arts Festival — international vendor marketplace.  Nervous as a wreck we put it in the mail — we had never applied for a big event like this.

So friday the 22nd we checked our po box and guess what — we got accepted!!!!  Talk about some serious praise moments.. that is what we’ve been doing ever since.  We spent this whole past weekend preparing a business plan to submit to some of our family and friends to see if they’d be interested in helping us participate in this huge blessing.  We want to truly represent ZeVin Creations with class for that is what we try to do with the cards/journals we make.

So from now until July 23 we are all about the NBAF!  We are going to kick out so many cards/journals it won’t even be funny so you’ll have to check often to see our progress and sneak peeks on what we’ve designed…

To celebrate our acceptance we are doing something special..

Zev To ATL logo

Besides planning for ATL we are making cards for this week’s FAT Trolley hop (Friday June 29 in front of Melvin Row Pottery with Louisville Craft Mafia) and Germantown Shotgun Fest (Saturday June 30 behind Atomic Saucer with Louisville Craft Mafia).



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