Featured Holiday/Event: Summer Solistice

It is officially SUMMER based on our lovely sun — although we don’t know about where you live but it is like really summer here in KY.. Our gardens (veggies/plants) are just a growing and we crave rain everyday for it has been humid but we LOVE summer!

Summer Solistice is June 21 — and this is when the sun reaches the  highest path through the sky and the day is the longest — and then begins it’s descent for the fall equinox.  From a non-astrological viewpoint — summer is the time for family vacations, BBQ’s, swimming, fun foods (aka popsicles, melons, ice cream) and our favorite sandals and other summer attire.

Some great summer gift items include:

Full apronApron by MadeByTess

Aprons – With all the BBQ’s and outdoor partys you want to make sure the “Hostess” is properly dressed.  We just love these two aprons — Full Apron by Textile Festish and the Hostess Apron from Made By Tess.

 martingale collars by 2 hounds design

Dog Accessories – For us Summer means it is time to walk the dogs longer or just hang out at the lake (beach for others)!  And who wouldn’t want their loved pet to be stylin in these summer-themed collars by 2 Hounds Design.

Rose Pendant daily bag by 2 fresh petunias

Accessories – Now you want to give the cute accessories to match their summer fun outfits like this Fine Silver Rose Leaf Pendant Necklace from Casto Creations and Sweet Confection Daily Bag by 2 Fresh Petunias.

Naturally you will need cards to match your gifts such as these summer designs. Check out some of our summer creations which you can buy here.


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