Earthy Alternative Comments

In a previous post we mentioned:

Each week we love watching these shows for somehow someway they inspire ZeVin Creations to do something different to prevent a bad footprint on our environment.  With that being said we currently use these bags for our cards.. and we like them for they protect them.. BUT we want to think of alternatives.  We are thinking of a incentive program like send the bag back to us after you use the card or option to not have them and save money.  Take this week to comment on this concept and we’ll pick one of the commentators to get a gift from ZeVin Creations.

So we have done some research on this for potential options — here are some ideas we’ve gotten from fellow indies we know from The Switchboards:

  •  Consider using the newest “green” plastic is suppose to break down in 6 months or less – JRLabels
  • Consider making an origami “envelope” for your card+envelope package – Weekend Jewelry
  • Worry about with re-using bags is that if they’re the clear cellophane-ish kind that I usually see cards in, they tend to scratch up and get dirty reasonably easy – Earth Fae
  • Offering a green “no packaging needed” choiice for your product shipments? Maybe just bundle the cards and envelopes together and tie them with a piece of twine – Artful  Sentiments
  • I wouldn’t care if stuff came to me tied in twine, or in just a bubble-envelope instead of a fancy box filled with packing peanuts, and I’d love to have it be an option to get less packaging – Spunky Kitty Style
  • Offer customers the option of not using a bag for their purchases. And in return the shop gives that customer a choice of 3 local charities/organizations in which they will donate a $1.00 to. So the money they save on bags and tissue can go towards a positive donation… and the customer is involved in the decision making! – Funky Utopia
  • For shipping to customers what about putting the cards in a sheet of recycled paper folded in half (hamburger style) to protect them during shipping? For wholesale I am not so sure, maybe look in to semi-transparent envelopes? – Midnight Sky Fibers

One Response to “Earthy Alternative Comments”

  1. For Always Invitations Says:

    Use biodegradable ribbon to bind your cards into a stack, we found ours at Cream City Ribbon. The finished “package” is so cute! We love our Cream City Ribbon, which they can custom print with your logo or information, but it did take forever to get here- just a word to the wise! (So worth it though!

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