Happy Birthday to the “VIN” of ZeVin Creations

Today is our dad’s birthday (June 19) and we just wanted to take time to wish him a happy day… especially since he is the “VIN” in our name (our mom is the “ZE”)…

In honor of our dad’s bday we wanted to start something new.. every now and then we will post the full steps of a particular card or project we are working on.. so why not show you our dad’s b-day card.

His card is made from various wallpapers  found in a book given to us from a local wall paper store…something new we’ve been trying to use more of..(REUSE concept).  Well he loves ducks so wanted a semi duck scene on the card.

  1. Step one take part of the wallpaper and cut out the duck want and grass want. (Forgot to get a picture of the wallpaper before cutting it..so sorry).
  2. Take the grass area and cut out any brown area so only have the grass/flowers.Cut Grass step in Dad 2007 bday card
  3. Start making the card by placing blue/green plaid wallpaper on white cardstock.
  4. Then glue on the cut out grass so plaid is showing through.
  5. Raise the duck so more of a 3-d effect above the grass component.
  6. Finally add the ripped pieces of the water in front and behind the duck so seems as if the duck is gliding on the water.
  7. Now write our special note and mail to our dad!  Isn’t he a cute duck?

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