Earth Tip: Stop Throwing Away

Today Maranda watched her weekly dose of Sundance Channel’s – “THE GREEN” which covered the documentary about “charging for water” and it’s bad effects on people’s health and environments.  Then “Big Ideas” discussed paper vs plastic — neat ways to make plastic and alternatives for packaging…

So here are some neat tips we thought we’d provide from the shows we watched:

  1. If you are a business get “Cradle To Cradle” certified.  Work on making your business not be a provider of all the waste in our landfills today. 
  2. RECYCLE — everyone knows this — but try to prevent so much trash.  Here is a good site to help you find out where you can recycle items in your neighborhood.  Earth
  3. Reduce the amount of plastic — ahhh this is a tricky one.  If you do need to use plastic recycle it(if possible).  Then try to find alternatives to the plastic like use a cloth bag for your groceries rather than the bags they provide at the store, take a container with you to a restaurant so you have your own container than there’s, and much more.  Here is a good site about alternative bag options — they also have a little counter showing how many plastic bags are being used currently…  Reusable Bags

Each week we love watching these shows for somehow someway they inspire ZeVin Creations to do something different to prevent a bad footprint on our environment.  With that being said we currently use these bags for our cards.. and we like them for they protect them.. BUT we want to think of alternatives.  We are thinking of a incentive program like send the bag back to us after you use the card or option to not have them and save money.  Take this week to comment on this concept and we’ll pick one of the commentators to get a gift from ZeVin Creations.


2 Responses to “Earth Tip: Stop Throwing Away”

  1. jennymeggon Says:

    I use canvas bags for ALL my shopping (even stores like Target), but I find the majority of our trash is still plastic bags. It’s those food wrappers! It’s the bags inside boxes and bread bags, etc. Very frustrating, as I don’t think they are the same grade of plastic as what can be recycled at the grocery store’s bag bin.

  2. jennymeggon Says:

    That was me – jennifer (textile fetish) 😉

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