Gift & Card Favorites – Father’s Day

So we are adding something new to our blog which we will attempt to write about weekly.  We will mention items we’ve seen online from other independent business owners that will compliment cards geared for a specific holiday or our featured cards of the month!

With Father’s Day being June 17th we wanted to kick this off with items geared towards the men in your life.

ties by Art by Mags

1.  Ties — Show me a man that hasn’t at one point or another worn a tie.  Well being from Louisville and loving the Fleur-de-Lis so much these are some fabulous ties by Art By Mags.  Mags also has some other great Fleur-de-Lis items just in case the tie isn’t for him.

pamper your man with this travel gift pak

2.  Pamper Him – We don’t know many men who would go to a spa to get pampered.. but you could pamper them at home with this Ginger Lime Travel Gift Pack by Bidwell Botanticals.  This pak has been provided to celebrity dads and includes Ginger Lime soap, Body Scrub and Hydrating Body Milk packaged in a unique hand-woven organic burlap fiber pouch.

Turqoise Necklace

3. Jewelry – Now we LOVE Turquoise and find it very attractive around a man’s neck!  Check out this Man Necklace with Turquoise Heishi by Weekend Jewelry.  And the great thing about this is if he isn’t wearing it you can!

You can partner any of these gift items with a nice Father’s Day card to let him know how much you care!  So go get your last minute shopping in.

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One Response to “Gift & Card Favorites – Father’s Day”

  1. mags Says:

    thanks for the plug, maranda!!!

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