Father’s Day Contest

So in honor of Father’s Day this Sunday (June 17).  We wanted to have a simple contest that would be interactive!

Do you have a card memory that involves a leading man in your life – Your Father or Grandfather? 

Take this moment to write something about it either in our comments section or on your own site/blog.  At the end of the week we will select the top 3 entries which will  win a gift certificate towards custom card(s) from ZeVin Creations.  We will also post all the card memories on our site/blog shortly with something new we are starting as it relates to “Share Your Card Memories” — which we will post more about soon.

NOTE: You can also write about someone that has played the father-figure role in your life as well.


2 Responses to “Father’s Day Contest”

  1. justkhi Says:

    I am using my daughter’s login- sorry.
    My father didn’t really get in my life until I was 15. It was years before I could even call him Dad. But in 1998, I spent Father’s Day with him, bought him card cake, etc. I called him Dad for the first time. He died a few days later. I wish I had put my anger aside sooner.
    kenyetta dot davis at gmail dot com.

  2. Paula Simecka Says:

    My father was a wonderful,generous,quiet man.We all loved him dearly and sending/giving cards to him ;especially on Father’s day was always a much detailed thing for me -choosing / making the best card;nothing was too good for him. My fondest memory was the Father’s day before he passed away.He was in a care facility and my son (who was 4) and myself both went card shopping and sent him the best we could find.My father never sent cards, this was a task for my mother. But a few days after Father’s day I received a card from him ,when I called later to talk to him I found out from a nurse that he had asked her to wheel him down to the gift shop and he picked out the card signed it and had her address it to me.I still have that card!It means the world to me.

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