Shows & Custom Work

So June 9, 2007 we did the Arts on the Parish Green show in New Albany, IN.  LOVED IT!  We were so scared with it being the first show they had done and not knowing what the crowd would be like.. but we had tons of fun and did very well… definitely want to do their show in 2008.  We ended up making 3 custom cards while we were there and got 2 possible wholesale/consignment options…

Maranda worked this show and she loved her neighbor Mr. Rago who is a painter and Timpani player for the Louisville Orchestra.. one of the custom cards we created was for his wife’s birthday…


Now we have to make some more cards for Father’s Day since this is the week before and we sold majority of our cards… and prepare for the next show which you can see on the site.


One Response to “Shows & Custom Work”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You really make beautiful cards. I’m a new quilter and have seen quilting cards. Have you ever tried that? I have that on my project list and will try to make one for my father.

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