Earth Tip – Recycling items into Art

So last night I watched Sundance Channel’s “The Green” with the focus on Big Ideas.. it was a neat show as it highlighted people that take items and recycle them into arts/crafts.  Very interesting items on there.

 Someone that takes items and recycles them into a nice gift is Acorn Studios which you can find at  I love how she takes old computer pieces and makes them into something you can wear or use — which is way better than it ending up in the landfill wasting away.

A unique item just for Father’s day is the wavy circuit board clock. Which makes a great gift for that computer “geek” in your life!

Circuit Board Clock

 We at ZeVin Creations also try to take items and recycle them to be part of one of our cards… we are always looking for items to embellish our cards!  So what are you doing to prevent so much trash just adding to our lovely dumps?

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