Current Project — Rennovate Displays

So our project for Memorial Week was to update our displays for local stores and our booth….


Our focus was really our window screens for we had the show this weekend so we sanded/painted them.. And this is what they look like now:

As you see we painted them purple and then make it look like a clothesline display with purple ribbon and white clothespins… The only thing we need to do is add a varnish to it so it won’t scrap in moist humid weather.

So as you see the picture above we are at the Highland Douglas Art Show this weekend (June 2 – 3) with the Louisville Craft Mafia and we’ve had a good show so far.. We are both up now working on more Father’s Day cards and our inspirational cards which we are starting to sale (More to come soon).  Here is the whole booth image.. we really liked the entire view of the booth..real home appeal…

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