APA Heritage Month Quick Fact

For the next couple of days we are going to discuss the different cultures that fall under the APA heritage.

Today I want to provide some insight into the Filipinos who are descendants of persons from the southeast asia country – Phillipines.

Estimated 2,807,731 Filipinos residing in United States making them the second largest group of Asian Americans.  It is stated that the initial Filipinos in the US were sailors during the Spanish colonial era with the first landing being on October 18, 1587 which is the foundation for the celebration of Filipino American History Month.

Some notable Filipino Americans include:

  • Antonio Taguba: Second Philippine-born Soldier to Become a General in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Nia Peeples: Actress and Singer
  • Gene Canque Liddel: First U.S. Filipino American Mayor
  • Vicky Manalo Draves: U.S. Diving Champion

As we did research we came across an interesting photograph series — The Filipino American Photographs of Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado

Check it out if you have the chance.


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